Our natural calcium carbonates of high whiteness and low abrasiveness,
have allowed us the development of a wide range of micronized materials
to serve all the plastic transformation industry

100% calcium carbonate micronized powder. Does not generate shine or opacity in the finished product. Due to its particle size, it provides easy incorporation into the dough. Given the process of mineral selection and particle classification as a benefit, it presents less residue in the filters. In addition, it improves the performance of extruders given the low abrasiveness index.

Micronized calcium carbonate powder developed for the transformation industry. The average particle diameter offers the manufacturer the ability to obtain a perfect incorporation in the mass to be extruded and various smooth finishes, depending on the product to be manufactured.

100% calcium carbonate micronized powder with excellent whiteness and low abrasiveness. In addition, it has low oil absorption and easy dispersibility in all systems.

100% calcium carbonate micronized powder, with an average diameter of less than 8 microns and a top cut of less than 30 microns. This product has excellent whiteness and low abrasiveness which makes it suitable for the transformation industry.